Still think you don't need to be able to rely on yourself?

Please view this with an open mind. Whether this is true at the moment or not, it is definitely a possibility. Just think about it.


If you find it to be up your ally then visit HERE

If this strikes some questions you would like to discuss please comment.


dontfencemein1979 said...

Ive seen this a couple times now. It really has set me on edge- again.In my pertinent links section I have a link to the History Channels' After Armageddon-it was the first to really bug me. If anything this has sent me to thinking in a whole other direction. But to listen to the guys historical account, even if one doesn't go for the information he's selling, is proof enough. As soon as I can I'm going to be stashing like mad and getting all my bases covered- water, power source (hopefully a solar generator), some form of sanitation treatment if necessary. I wake up at night now with thoughts of this going through my head. I'm glad I am aware of the info- but some times I wish I could have some of that blissful ignorance!

1_4_freedom said...

I totally agree. This is the purpose of my blog. I also think about that blissful ignorance I have shed. If something serious does actually happen we will be better off not blindly following the rest of the flocks. Oh I almost forgot you check out solar backups HERE

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