Still think you don't need to be able to rely on yourself?

Please view this with an open mind. Whether this is true at the moment or not, it is definitely a possibility. Just think about it.


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Simple steps to self sustainibilty

The road to self sustainability is a long one with great rewards. This is can be a problem, however, with most peoples lifestyles today. Everyone wants results instantly. As you travel down this road there are things that can be done to help achieve this smaller, but more rapid results.

Garden: I would have to say that one of the best ways to start down the self sustainable road would be to start some type of garden. Even if it is only a couple vegetable plants in a container garden. This is also a very important step.

Food Storage: Storing non-perishable food items can fall more under the "survivalist" or "prepper" category, but isn't life survival? Being self sustainable is being able to survive on your own without needed to rely on an outside source. You could easily start a substantial food storage supply and plan by grabbing a couple items every time you go to the grocery store. Look for things on sale or discounts for buying in bulk.

Cooking At Home: With the amount of restaurants and take out places around today it is easy to grow distant from the traditions of home made meals. There are a good number of people that can't even put together a simple meal on their own. Being able to create healthy and nutritious meals is essential in becoming self sustainable. This is also a quick and simple way to start towards self sustainability.

The path is long but it can be taken in mostly small steps. It is really changing your lifestyle more than anything. The reward is well worth the work even if you don't become a full off-gridder.


Spacial Gardening

Click the title to link to the video.

This is a great idea for people with minimal or no garden space. Perfect for Urban environments. It would also come in pretty handy if Senate Bill S510 goes through and creates steps towards making home gardening illegal. I could see this in my basement or safe room hidden away from government home gardening gestapo.

If I could make one change to it however, I wouldn't built it from PVC. I would want something that didn't leach chemicals into my food supply.


The wind is blowing the wrong way

Our country is making big moves towards green energies to combat "global warming". Most of these projects are wind farms. Here in New England there are two such projects being proposed for offshore locations. Cape Wind, which is a project located in Nantucket sound on Horseshoe Shoals. Then there is one called, Deepwater Wind located near Block Island. Both of these projects are massive and cost BILLIONS.

My view on these projects is along the same lines as "The False Green Movement". The intent presented to the people is very appealing. Why not make a wind farm to create clean energy? There are many things to take into consideration. The cost is such that some company is paying to create their means to sell energy to the market. Much of the cost will be covered by government subsidies and grants - yea those come from tax dollars. After they are finished being built with your tax money, the energy will be sold to you - forcefully - by power suppliers such as National Grid. Oh and that clean energy comes with a huge price increase. click the title link to read a news article about that.

Cape Wind's problems start with it being a project too strongly supported by Governor Deval Patrick. This project has become his Legacy. Even with all of Cape Wind's horror he will make it happen. The timing for this project couldn't be worse. In the middle of a depression (yea not a recession anymore) Cape Wind will increase the already burdened MA resident with higher electric rates. Cape Wind's electricity will cost near $0.18 more per kilowatt hour than the electricity produced now. Cape Wind's location is also a poor choice. A Shoal is a shallower section of the ocean similar to a reef. These area tend to be areas rich with sea life. The foundations could seriously damage that eco-structure. Well said by this guy.

Deepwater Wind is somewhat new to me. Though I learned that it is an older idea that has recently been reintroduced on a much larger scale. The title link better explains the magnitude of this project. Again, Deepwater Wind along with Cape Wind is an offshore wind farm. The problems are similar and the added cost of maintenance adds to the stupidity of the projects.

What we need to learn is to step into clean energies with cost in mind. It is too easy to come up with an idea half-heartedly and plunge headlong into a disaster. We need clean energy but we need to consider cost. Why not develop new technologies and make the costs less. Cape Wind and Deepwater Wind are two projects that are going forward in the wrong direction. With political motivation and the greed of the developers they will likely become serious burdens and thorns in our sides. Go green but, go smartly.

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