Simple steps to self sustainibilty

The road to self sustainability is a long one with great rewards. This is can be a problem, however, with most peoples lifestyles today. Everyone wants results instantly. As you travel down this road there are things that can be done to help achieve this smaller, but more rapid results.

Garden: I would have to say that one of the best ways to start down the self sustainable road would be to start some type of garden. Even if it is only a couple vegetable plants in a container garden. This is also a very important step.

Food Storage: Storing non-perishable food items can fall more under the "survivalist" or "prepper" category, but isn't life survival? Being self sustainable is being able to survive on your own without needed to rely on an outside source. You could easily start a substantial food storage supply and plan by grabbing a couple items every time you go to the grocery store. Look for things on sale or discounts for buying in bulk.

Cooking At Home: With the amount of restaurants and take out places around today it is easy to grow distant from the traditions of home made meals. There are a good number of people that can't even put together a simple meal on their own. Being able to create healthy and nutritious meals is essential in becoming self sustainable. This is also a quick and simple way to start towards self sustainability.

The path is long but it can be taken in mostly small steps. It is really changing your lifestyle more than anything. The reward is well worth the work even if you don't become a full off-gridder.


Jamie said...

Love your blog! I have a similar article entitled 'Are you a good cook?' on my blog that mentions the same predicament of people not knowing how to cook their own stuff without the help of boxed food. Totally agree.

1_4_freedom said...

Thanks! It is a shame; people have really lost touch with that way of life. I need/ want to learn more about preparing food on my own. There is always something new/old to learn. I think you blog will come in handy for teaching myself. Thanks again.

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