Gas Prices Rise Again

So here we go again. Gas prices are on the rise. $3.70/gal where I live. This time the media is hush hush. (Don't want the silly little people to realise Obama isn't doing anything about it). Don't think he tried to keep them down though. He just recently stopped the pipeline from Canada. He could also muzzle his EPA dogs a little and allow America to produce it's own oil instead of giving permits to foreign countries to drill and then sell to us. He could also allow current wells in the US to get more than there current 300 barrell limit. Now I certainly don't think this should be the fix for us. Eventually we need to walk away from using soo much fossil fuels. Like most addictions though, you just can't up and quit. There is a much needed transition phase. During this transition phase I think it would be in our best interest to use the oil from our own country to provide jobs and keep what little money we have left here. I won't even get into the benefit that has on getting away from our oil link with the ever so stable Middle East. Once we start down that path we will have the money and security to really begin developing cost effective "green" energy production methods.

Personally I would like to get into bio-diesel. I would even go as far as to say it would be an interesting business to start. Imagine being able to have all the resturaunts in a community get rid of their waste vegetable oil to a company that will then recycle that into a fuel source to power the vehicles of that community. I have done a pretty good amount of research on this. Producing bio-diesel from waste vegetable oil is not very diffcult or expensive. I have a grand plan for community "fuel depots" that would handle production and sales but I have one HUGE road block I can't seem to figure out how to overcome. What are the regulations and paths to take to accomplish this goal?? For example; Say I purchase a gas station that is currently being unused. This gas station has a typical 2 bay maintenance garage attached to it. I would convert the garage into a secure room in which the bio-diesel can be produced. It is then pumped into the underground tanks that used to hold gas. Now the gas station will function as it did before except it will only sell bio-diesel. Now how would one start with the process of making that happen. Can you just buy the building and start producing and selling?? I think not. What types of permits and steps would I need to take to accomplish this?? I see people working in development for large scale bio-diesel production, but I think the small scale local production idea would work really well and you have a good source of base product from the restaurants. It is also a nice way to recycle some waste don't ya think? Speaking of thinking of this a a recycling loop, the two by-products of bio-diesel production from waste vegetable oil are: Bio-diesel fuel and glycerin. The fuel part obviously gets used to power vehicles, trains, boats, and heat homes while the glycerin can be used in the production of soap. Ah the recycling continues. This method keeps communities supporting themselves which is also an added benefit.

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