Eminant Darkness

One of the best benefits of self-reliance is the ability to avoid most the effects of disasters, be it natural or man made. If you can take care of yourself you don't need to hope that someone will be there to support you. There is nothing scarier than the "what if" question. If you can answer that question before it becomes a harsh reality you will be much better off. If you think that someone such as the government or the like will be there to pluck you from the aftermath of a disaster and place you in a warm safe place you are seriously misguided. All one needs to do is look back a few years to Katrina. People "helped" in that disaster were placed in a sports arena full of criminals and/or provided FEMA trailer homes that off-gassed poisonous formaldehyde. Personally I would have taken what few things I could quickly and easily carry and bugged out on my own. Self-reliance can be most valuable in a survival type situation however; I find the pride in knowing that it is myself that I can fall back on is the true reward.

In the survival sense some of the first things you will need to know are the essential NEEDS to allow someone to stay alive; air, Water, food, shelter, fire, & I add security. If you can maintain those you don't need anything else. The next steps can be focused on getting out of your situation. Many people are against this but owning a gun and being able to use it proficiently can seriously make two of those things much easier; food and security. I highly recommend this. Anything that can give you the upper hand or make things simpler shouldn't be disregarded. If you are plan to be able to sustain yourself in this type of scenario it would be to your advantage to keep a small pack filled with some of the essentials that will allow you to accomplish the survival NEEDS. Preppers call this a "bug out" bag.

Taking these bits of information and any good info about self-reliance will bring a strong pride in yourself. This feeling is calming and can allow you to extend your knowledge to friends and family. Since most disaster type of needs for self-reliance result in entire communities effected, it is good to make sure you aren't the only one with the info. That can be very burdensome. More on community reliance stemmed from self-reliance in a later post. Also feel free to comment questions should you have any..or any additional information is always good.


Erik said...

Nice article. I am currently reading "How to survive the end of the world as we know it" By James Wesley, Rawles. It's only $8 bucks, and hopefully it will save my life someday.

Our culture is so spoiled, yet our current "civilized" world is so delicate, it would only take a few days of not having electricity, running water, and sewers before the riots and looting started. Food would be the biggest immediate problem, as we intake far more than we think, and when you cant just run to the store, I'd say some 99% of people would have no idea on how to acquire the food they need to survive.

I'm glad there are other people out there planning for the end (of easy life as we know it), so if it does come.. at least a few of us will survive. See you out there!

1_4_freedom said...

I have seen stats that say gocery store selves would likely clear out in a couple of days. We are a nation of dependency and that is very dangerous. The line between civilization and complete chaos is extremely thin.

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