Seedlings start soon! Here in New England our season is fairly short. Having a well planned vegetable garden is key. I get my seeds from an organic supplier in my state via Internet orders . The important thing is first trying to find a supplier as local as possible. Remember part of being sustainable is supporting locally. (or as local as you can get) The second thing is making sure they are GMO free and have no added hormones. Heirlooms are usually the best.

For starting seedlings I personally use cowpots, but that is up to you on the company. With this item again you want to make sure it is as natural as possible. A type that can be directly planted into the soil is convenient and works as a fertilizer.

I just got back from a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. In the Epcot park they have a ride you can take through their greenhouse and aqua farm. They use methods involving PVC pipes and many automated systems. Though I found it fascinating I would shy away from using a material that is made from petroleum. I believe that if you are going to go through the trouble to grow healthy organic foods you need to keep them safe from chemicals. Also since we are talking about sustainability personal and as a country we need to keep in mind where the larger percentage of our petroleum comes from. We can't keep purchasing a product that we can produce/mine ourselves from countries that try to kill us. Our economy would have a better chance of recovery quickly if we keep jobs and our money within our boarders. You can't get out of debt when you primarily import. This is another topic for another day, which I will definitely get into.

At the top are photos I took of a couple quotes painted on the wall at Disney World's Epcot ride, Living with the Land.


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